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Anyone else wishing there was a zoom function?

  • presofawesome by presofawesome

    It would turn out to be really useful. I'm not sure how long it is that this will go on, but it would make accurately identifying a lot easier.


  • Janet_Jaguar by Janet_Jaguar

    All browsers have a built in zoom function, and in some other post someone said the newest IPads can also be set to zoom. Slight variations in control in different browsers, but the keyboard combo that seems to work on all is CTRL-PlusKey to zoom and CTRL-MinusKey (dash) to back out again.


  • anned75 by anned75

    Definately! Sometimes I just have to guess what the animals are in the background. To help, I save the photo to my iPad (since I classify from my iPad) and go to photos, look at the photo, and pinch to zoom. Sometimes it helps but it makes the picture pixelated if I zoom in too much. I hate guessing on classifications?