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Boys v. Gals

  • vdurand by vdurand

    If it would help, it's usually pretty easy to tell with the antelope. Maybe could be an option for future?
    (Obviously can only tell when there is a full body in view)


  • kosmala by kosmala scientist

    Yeah, we thought about including that. But there are so many pictures where it would be impossible to tell that we decided against including it.


  • schaep by schaep

    an option like male, female, both, can't tell could solve that 😃. It wouldn't help for the numerous amount of pictures where you couldn't tell, but it would help in case you'd later decide you'd like to look at all the pictures with a male lion. currently you'd have go through all the lion pics, with the option you'd find 95% of the pictures with male lions in second.


  • aliburchard by aliburchard scientist, translator

    We actually do separate male and female lions (they are listed in the filter as lion (female or cub) and lion (male) -- because they're pretty easy to do and have different ranging behaviors. But given the volume of photos we're going through, we decided it would be too hard to do for most other species.


  • by

    A lot of us are real novices too. When I first started I was almost scared off at the thought of classifying the animals - most of them I'd never heard of even! But the guidance was really good, and the parameters relatively limited so I threw myself into it. Think the simplicity is great for attracting people new to african animals. And now I love that I can identify animals from small snippets in photos, and no longer need to check references to differentiate the gazelles or identify most of the animals. Get a real kick out of that! There's been a few times I can tell the gender, but not often.

    Think you guys got it pretty spot on.