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Where are my favorites?

  • SAntczak by SAntczak

    When I click the star thing to indicate a favorite, I am unable to fund where I can go to see those photos. Where are they?


  • kosmala by kosmala scientist

    On the site where you identify the animals, click the word "Profile" at the very bottom of the screen.


  • PsyHam by PsyHam

    I've noticed that I'm missing several "favorites" that I thought I had marked previously (for example, pretty sure I try to favorite every elephant I come across, and I don't see any on my profile screen). I think the issue may be that a favorite does not get saved if you've already hit "finish" and are sitting on the screen with the "next capture" button. It would be nice to be able to favorite a photo at any time, even after classifying it!