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How do I get back to a photograph ?

  • sbpj by sbpj

    I think I saw a man shoot something. However in the magnifying the whole screen to check then minimising to get to the 3 movement dots and then remagnifying to see next bit a couple of times I must have clicked on something else because the screen went in on itself and opened to another camera shot. I can't get it back! Could the pix please have some sort of reference number?

    For the experts in the field there was a tree in the middle of the shot and back left - on the lhs margin - there was a tree with a fallen log between it and "us" and a man behind it leaning slightly forward (facing to the right) with his right arm bent at the elbow ( I was magnifying to see if there was a rifle barrel) further right there was a mound of something on the ground and I think I saw it just twitch. Then the **** screen died on me as I said above.

    I've posted this on Chats too.


  • aliburchard by aliburchard scientist, translator

    Hmm, thanks for the heads up. We'll keep our eyes peeled for this photograph. Thanks!