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Pro Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ahjorth by ahjorth

    Hovering over the buttons on the interface can reveal some very helpful tips!

    Did you know these keyboard shortcuts?

    Space - Starts/stops the play button

    X - Checks "nothing here"

    1-9, , -, = - Selects a number when you have a selected animals window open.

    Q,W,E,R,T - These keyboard letters each represent one of an animals state. Q for Standing, W for Resting and E for Moving, R for Eating and T for Interacting.

    Y - This checks off "Young present"

    RETURN/ENTER - Presses the "Identify" button while inside the animal details window, and also Next Picture after you've pressed finished.

    Escape closes the animal details window.

    Did I miss any? Let me know


  • ahjorth by ahjorth

    Yes of course, 1-2-3 outside the Animal details window switches you between the images in the image set.


  • aliburchard by aliburchard scientist, translator

    These are great!! Thanks!


  • cyzaki by cyzaki

    It's annoying you still have to click 'finished' though. It'd be nice if the whole thing could be keyboarded, as it were.