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  • chipo by chipo

    I saw someone asking for tags for striped hyeana, and I see people referrng to tagging, but I don;t see the use. The tags aren't working, or is it me who can;t get them to work?


  • dms246 by dms246 moderator

    We can't actively search using the tags, but we can use them to create a tag group collection, chipo - that's what people are doing when they look for images with a particular tag. For example, I created a tag group collection to look for anything with the tag "pangolin", to see if there were any images with that tag - so far, it has stayed resolutely on zero (although I do remember seeing a thread here where one image was identified as a pangolin - presumably it didn't get tagged though). I know there are people who have created tag group collections for "baby", "young" and "bird" - there are probably lots of others I haven't noticed when browsing through images.