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Suggestion - incentives . Badges and making a game of it.

  • IanTEdwards by IanTEdwards

    I have a suggestion. Probably too late for Serengeti snapshot but something for future zooniverse projects. This may have been suggested elsewhere but I couldn't see it.
    Why not add a game element to it? There's already an I-Spy vibe to the project.
    Just like in 4 square, untappd and other social media things, you get badges for reaching certain levels. So in this and other projects you could get badges for participating in projects, badges for a certain number of classifications.
    Serengeti snapshot really lends itself to it because you could have badges for spotting say all the different type of antelopes, for spotting 10 different animals, for spotting all the animals.
    It would be another way to encourage people back to see if they can spot them all.
    As with 4sq et al, when you get a badge you could tweet or Facebook it which then helps promote the project and encourages people's friends to compete.
    And before you ask what's the value in a silly, badge that's just a jpg that means very little really - I don't know, but people go a bundle on it in 4sq. It wouldn't be much work to add it into zooniverse projects. I bet it's an afternoon of coding, if that.


  • Jihang by Jihang

    I turned it into a game for myself already, haha. I've got a photo collection to mark one of each species that I've IDed. And also a male and a female of each species for the dimorphic ones.

    But this game is unwinnable. I am never going to bag damned honey badger, or a caracal. Those're definitely the boss animals.