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Pass a nondescript photo

  • vitorini2003 by vitorini2003

    Sometimes there are photos in wich appears one animal but is impossible for me clasify it because i can see only a part of it like legs. I think must there be a button in application for pass to the next photo instead of put "nothing here".
    Thanks a lot.


  • AowlanCrystal by AowlanCrystal moderator

    It can be difficult sometimes to id an animal from a leg or tail, try your best to narrow it down, for example, if the tail is long and tasselled as the end, it will rule out alot of species right away.

    Of course very skinny longish legs will rule out hippo, elephant very easy, also rodents and all low to ground animals. sometimes its easier to rule out what it isn't first, I know it feels wrong, to just 'guess', but just try your best, the more images you see and classify, you will notice you will be able to guess alot easier. We all struggle with some images, even those who have classified over 5,000 images, so don't worry, if you can't get every image, correct everytime, its not a problem, just keep classifying and keep up the good work.

    For more info on why we don't have a 'pass' button read the posts at:

    There is also a good article which includes images showing the size comparisons of the different species, which can help when you see a close shot of a back/rump, but not much else.