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Keyboard shortcuts

  • Aamantubillah by Aamantubillah

    Hi, this is a suggestion for the website developers.

    It would be great to ID the animals a bit faster. The IDing part isn't so time consuming as the entry is. After sometime, my wrist begins to hurt. So I thought it'd be great if we can use the keypad (1-9) to type the number of animals we see in an image and to use S, R, M, E, and I on the keyboard to correspond to Standing, Resting, Moving, Eating, and Interacting. That way, and image pops up and we can click Impala and type 5M and it immediately registers it and we hit Enter to go to the next image.

    That's just my take on it. It may not work perfectly, but I think the underlying idea (the keyboard shortcuts) would greatly speed things up and help us out on the user side what with the wrist pain and all.


  • libervurto by libervurto

    I agree, keyboard shortcuts are always a nice option.