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Sharing photos on social networks

  • libervurto by libervurto

    I tried to share some of the nicer images I found on facebook but it came out as a generic link to zooniverse without any image. This is a big shame as not only would it be nice to share these images but they would be a great hook to get more people interested in the project.


  • sisige by sisige

    What link did you try to share? If you grabbed it from the classification page that might be the problem. Try going to the discussion page for the image, and grabbing that url, e.g. I tried pasting that in a different browser and it opened the discussion page for that image right up.


  • aliburchard by aliburchard scientist, translator

    @libervurto - I'll see if we can do something about right. In the meanwhile, if you do go to the discussion page like @sisige suggests, you can share the image from there (post a link to the discussion page to facebook). Thanks!!