Snapshot Serengeti Talk


  • DAVEK12 by DAVEK12

    Is there any way to get statistics on how well I'm doing ?? I just started classifying and it would be nice to know I'm not wasting your time as well as mine.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    Hi, as far as I know there is no way to access any stats other than how many classifications you've done. But if you want a reality check from time to time, you can post pictures in the forum, tell us what you think they show, and ask if we can confirm that. Remember that each pic gets independently classified by many different participants, so if your best guess is wrong, it's not a big deal.


  • tam10 by tam10 scientist

    Can I just add a big THANK YOU to everyone for all your amazing help in classifying these images, and for the terrific assistance from the moderators. We're about 30% finished with the current season, and we'll do our best to turn this data into interesting science. Thanks you!!


  • kiliclimber by kiliclimber

    ,,, and TG for that, David, tho' I usually only comment on my classifications I think are doubtful (Eg. no hashtags) I wonder how many others are off!