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Password Help without Email

  • Goodalle by Goodalle

    I am a teacher of students who don't have access to their email. They love this project and it has spawned learning of animals, Tanzania, Serengeti... all sorts. A couple have lost their passwords. Can you help me retrieve them for our domain?
    Our tech people suggested asking for all the passwords from our domain. I can't find a contact for the owners of that data.


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator in response to Goodalle's comment.

    Hi Goodalle!

    So great to hear that your students love Snapshot Serengeti project and this has woken up all that interest to learn more about this wonderful nature. You all are very welcome to help with this great project!

    Volunteers can easily reset their own forgotten password through that ’Forgot Password?’- link on our front page, but the email address is needed.

    We Moderators in this project have no access to any personal data of the volunteers, so we are not able to help with this issue.
    As Snapshot Serengeti is Zooniverse project, Zooniverse handle all these kind of things connected to their projects. (In fact, as far as I know, the same password is used on all Zooniverse projects that volunteer is participating.)

    I kindly suggest, you contact Zooniverse on their main site on their discussion board with this issue, so they can answer if there is a way to reset password without email address 😃