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Young Present

  • vjb by vjb

    I've been clicking Young Present when I see gazelles without horns (when the description explicitly states that both sexes have horns as adults). I just found this #tommy with horns shorter than his/her ears. Would you want us to click Young Present in this case? (I did)

    I'm thinking that scientists would rather we flag young when we aren't sure, is that true?


  • aliburchard by aliburchard scientist, translator

    This actually looks like an adult female -- just by the size and shape of the animal. Females have small horns, which are sometimes misshapen.


  • gabriela58blue by gabriela58blue

    I would like to know what is really considered a "young" animal. I see elephants that are probably 1 or 2 years old and much smaller than the adults, do they count as young? Or only if they're really small, like a few months or less? Same with other animals. Some, like Zebras or most antelopes and gazelles, have that long legged thing going on where you know they are not very old. Others are still young, because they are just smaller than the adults. Do they count as "young" though? Some have much smaller horns than the adults, but they DO have horns, are they considered as young or adults?


  • tillydad by tillydad moderator in response to gabriela58blue's comment.

    In the context of this project young is any animal that has not attained full adult status . So small elephants, gazelles, zebra etc.would count as young . It can be tricky to correctly ID young animals as it is somewhat subjective but remember that others are also classifying each image that you classify and a consensus is normally reached as to how many young are in any given image 😃