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Camera Setup

  • Fweek by Fweek

    How are the cameras setup? Are you guys using solar power to keep the cameras running? Are you shooting RAW and saving them to a computer or just the internal memory card.?


  • Elizabeth.Ann by Elizabeth.Ann moderator

    The cameras are run on batteries and have an SD card that needs to be manually changed. The "about" page has a lot more information for you to check out!


  • Veegee by Veegee

    I would like to see a photo of the cameras, sometimes, I get the feeling there is an animal ON the camera as I can see a shadow on teh grass in front of the camera that vaguely looks "cat like" lol, but not enough to classify it as a lion or cheetah etc


  • zookeeper by zookeeper admin

    There are camera photos on the excellent blog posts the science team are putting together.