Snapshot Serengeti Talk

Are they doing what I think they're doing?

  • dcardani by dcardani

    Am I seeing this correctly? It looks like one zebra has mounted another in the background there. Are they "interacting" like it looks like?


  • cseaton by cseaton

    That is what I see as well.


  • Xezlec by Xezlec

    I agree. By the way the lower one's posture changes it particularly looks like it. Counting the legs seems to confirm this.

    What's really interesting though is the one behind them. The behavior of this one might be seen as threatening? As though maybe this union was done under cover of darkness for a reason? Forbidden love? Hard to tell from the picture, but that one's behavior does seem to be unusual in some way.


  • tirralirra by tirralirra

    I love cseaton's comment re 'zebra with six legs'... nice one!