Snapshot Serengeti Talk

any ideas whats going on here

  • bobinky by bobinky

    Somethings pulling, something in the tree is moving.


  • ajg by ajg

    I blew it up and lightened in Photoshop. I was thinking maybe it was a human, but it's way too bulky. I was thinking maybe it's a type of snare/trap?


  • Angel_48 by Angel_48

    There is a Baboon on the ground, but I do not see a rope or wire which would be hard to see at a distance, I cannot see anything in the tree, I hope it is not caught in a snare. 😦


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    Ha, where there's one bab there are usually many. One guy under the tree picking up grass or acacia pods, and probably another baboon in canopy moving that branch up above.