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  • SirSchumii by SirSchumii

    What are these boards fore ?
    Why does some show this to the cam ?
    Im getting curious now c",)


  • tirralirra by tirralirra

    Yes, I wonder what information is on the board that isn't already captured in work schedule records. The only thing that comes to my mind is a program in India that required teachers to take a photo of themselves and their class at the beginning of the day and again at the end. The photos (with their date/time stamp) were used to record teacher attendance. In some schools teacher attendance rose to something like 70% when this was implemented. I wouldn't think the Serengeti Lion project would need to supervise staff using camera shots, so I wonder why they do it?

    Maybe they're calibrating the light levels? Or it's a backup record of the date the camera was serviced and the code of the camera SD card?


  • craigpacker by craigpacker scientist

    tirralirra is right, we start each SD card with an identifier in case the cards get mixed up -- we tried to remove all the identifiers before posting them on Zooniverse... We don't do anything to adjust the light levels, though...