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Strange antelope rump

  • tactoe by tactoe

    Apart from having a nice mixture of gazelles in this photo set, I find the identification of the rightmost antelope rump very perplexing. The proportion of bone lengths from the heel down and up is not very typical. Also the rump color pattern is so strange. Is the leg between the heel and knee actually so dark??
    What can you guys make of it?


  • dolphinate by dolphinate

    It's a Grant's standing with it's right hind leg lifted and slightly to the back ready to take a step. Looking closely,you can see a tiny bit of the 'crescent moon' right at the top of it's rump. The top of its left hind leg is in shadow from it's belly. And the 'lump' on its right hind leg looks like bunched muscle. An awkward angle of camera and shadow is making it look off.