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What is this?

  • Talas by Talas

    I could in no way acctualy identify these two animals. However i tryed to find a match none of the given Animals seem to fit what i see. A Small badgerlike animal with a dark stripe on its back and a white bushy tail. Could someone please explain.


  • vdurand by vdurand

    Maybe honey badgers?

    You can add the tag #new-animal if it's something actually not on the list.


  • kosmala by kosmala scientist

    I believe those are guinea fowl. They're tricky in this image because they're so far away.


  • Ohsoalexzy by Ohsoalexzy

    Could it be a skunk? Or I think there is a small animal on the list that is skunk-like.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    Guinea fowl is correct.


  • okopho by okopho

    These creatures clearly have two legs, rather than four. So that makes it quite likely they are some kind of bird 😉

    Like kosmala, I would have classified them as Guinea Fowl.