Snapshot Serengeti Talk


  • Mark_JF_Brown by Mark_JF_Brown

    The second image I tried to ID was unidentifiable because it was close-up and over-exposed, but there was no button to indicate that and move on, which meant my only option was to click nothing here, which is wrong. Any help or ideas?


  • cyzaki by cyzaki

    Might be a wildebeest, going by the tufty tail.


  • Blaydon by Blaydon

    quite short fluffy tail impala maybe


  • rebmekop by rebmekop

    She has thin legs, and light colored fur. I think the tail would give it away for a more knowledgeable identifier. After some minutes of clicking around, I would identify it as a thomson's gazelle, but when feeling really stuck I just hit reload for the next capture.


  • craigpacker by craigpacker scientist

    You can just barely make out some of the stripes on its rump and back leg -- otherwise it is very hard to recognize as a zebra!