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This is a guess

  • Pyewackett by Pyewackett

    It's either a hartebeest or a topi, but, for me, anyway, impossible to tell from this angle


  • Elizabeth.Ann by Elizabeth.Ann moderator

    Because the horns are mostly straight I would go with topi over hartebeest but it is very hard to tell from this angle.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    Male tommy - couldn't be topi or hartebeest with such straight slender horns.


  • craigpacker by craigpacker scientist

    This is a curious sequence -- I wonder why the tommy is orientated sideways... He might be rubbing his head against a twig or something...


  • vdurand by vdurand

    This isn't in sequence with the hyena eating a tommy is it?
    Might explain the positioning.