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can't tell

  • gwennie71 by gwennie71

    what do you do when you can't tell what it is?


  • SimonV2 by SimonV2

    well preened ostrich feathers?


  • dms246 by dms246 moderator in response to gwennie71's comment.

    Heheh! You simply make your best guess, gwennie71, based on whatever you can make out. These look like feathers, possibly quite large ones, though that's not easy to judge accurately. So you could go with "Bird (Other)", or you might go for "Secretary Bird". Don't worry about the fact that you simply can't be sure - others who classify the image won't be sure either, and it's the combined data that provides data for the scientists - even if the guesses are all over the place, they'll likely mostly be bird related, so the data analysis will be able to say "Most likely 1 bird, species not clear". So if someone is extracting data about hyenas, they can ignore this image.

    If you haven't already found it, @kosmala 's blog post about why they haven't provided us with an "I don't know!" button is really informative, and very reassuring when it comes to images like this where we simply have to make a guess based on very little info: