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Hyena attacking Wildebeest

  • robindw by robindw

    I was shocked to see this - I hadn't seen any attacks in the pictures yet. It looks like the Wildebeest may be winning?


  • dms246 by dms246 moderator

    Oh wow! That's a real action shot! Without more frames to see what's going on, it's hard to tell which way it's going.


  • ajg by ajg

    I made a tag and a collection:

    I've gone through all the 94's to 97's so far. If you find more please tag #hyenakillApr13 though it may have just been a fight! Backtracking - I saw that the herd of wildebeest and zebra were there probably the night before and all day the 13th settling in. You can see young and some very pregnant females. Then the fight around 11pm or so and the hyena still wandering there triggering the camera until 1am or so. Then skipping to the 15th - we can see the herd is back/still there and then a hyena sniffing around at night again.

    Hoping to find in the 98's and 99's the right before/after the 11pm shot that started the search!