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Honey badger?

  • DanishDyna by DanishDyna

    I see that Daphne has guessed this was a white stork, but I don't see the neck and head. The only other animal with an all white back is the honey badger. Could it be?


  • watchintheplains by watchintheplains

    Looks like a bird to me, probably walking with head in the grass, looking for food. I think I see the head pop up a little in frame 1.


  • wilderzone by wilderzone moderator

    Agree with @watchintheplains analysis, especially the way the black tail tips upwards in frame 2. It actually seems a little small for a White Stork, but hard to tell at this distance. The other possibility is a Sacred Ibis. I've been rather surprised not to see any of those in the traps so far.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    White stork most likely option on open plains. Sacred ibis seldom far from water.