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Leopard or Cheetah

  • rlb66 by rlb66

    Image ASG000sf45, I said leopard because to many non-uniform (not sufficiently circular) spots, however, there is a whole series of photos in a row and most are being ID as Cheetah. Ear, black bottom and white tipped. More detail on IDing please.


  • lucycawte by lucycawte moderator

    I may well be wrong but for me its a leopard. ASG000sf47 image is not quite so close up and the fur texture appears more leopard like, more dense and shorter than a cheetah. In ASG000sf49 you can just make out a small rosette. The spots on a leopards head tend not to form such obvious rossettes anyway and become more random.
    The overall shape of the head looks heavy and jowly and therefore suggest leopard to me. A tricky one.

    I am abit usless with computers how do you make the ASG number a link?