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Adolescent - "Young" or not?

  • archangelunmei by archangelunmei

    From its size and the size of its tusks, this elephant clearly isn't very old. But it's not what most people would call a "baby", either. In a case like this, should we mark the photo as 'young present' or not? (I did, but clarification for the future would be helpful, since this also goes for things like half-grown wildebeest/eland/hartebeest.)


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    I'm not sure that we have any clear criterion for when a young becomes an adult. I think the main purpose of tagging #young animals is so scientists can detect birth seasons. But it needs to be an easily recognizable category. Many people might look at your elephant and not realize that it's young because hey, it fills the frame and it's a big animal! But if you see a big elephant next to a half-grown one, then it becomes more obvious that you've got adult & young.
    Personally, I guess that if I see any animal about 3/4 adult size or smaller, I call it young.

    Scientists, any guidelines?