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What's this bird?

  • Lu72 by Lu72

    I've recorded it as Bird - Other, but I'd like to know what it is. It looks like an owl of some sort. Anybody know?


  • by

    I googled it and found there's lots of owls in serengeti. I'm not good on birds, but maybe a marsh owl?


  • ninawilson by ninawilson

    I've got the same owl, same place about an hour earlier. Mine seems to be just as its landed, they land directly on top of prey. Don't know what sort of owl, and there are many types. Click on my name and you should find my picture, although it doesn't add many clues.


  • lucycawte by lucycawte moderator

    Hard to say exactly, there are three owls that look very similar, barn owl, marsh owl and grass owl. I am not sure there is enough clarity in this image to say which for sure.