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  • awallen by awallen

    I have seen an animal that looks like a donkey, the size of a small zebra, all brown with white marking on forehead.


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator in response to awallen's comment.

    Hi awallen,

    With indentifying-questions, please always include the image. Best and easiest is to ask the identifying-questions (without # , hashtags are for search and used only with sure ID, not with questions/unsure ID) in that blue comment-box below image, so reply can be given directly into image. That way helps also others best, who may classify the same image, when they see original capture and all comments below image.

    We have not yet seen any donkeys in middle of the Serengeti, where these cameras are set. Thus it is very unlikely, it was that. It would have been lovely to try to help with the ID, but without image can only guess, it was possibly one of antelopes 😃