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When I press the "Finish" button nothing happens

  • martienem by martienem

    The site seems stuck after I classified an animal. It does log my classification (it's in the top left of the image), but it does not continue to the next one after I click "Finish". I tried refreshing the page, but then I go back to the tutorial!


  • kosmala by kosmala scientist

    This appears to be a frequent problem for many people. Here's what's supposed to happen: after you identify an animal (or more than one) and they appear in the upper left corner of the image, the "Finish" button should be active. You should be able to click it and then you should get a new button in the same location that says "Next capture."

    Troubleshooting: sometimes the "Finish" button is not active if there is an animal showing in the species list at right. In this case, click "Cancel" and the "Finish" button should become active.

    If you are still having trouble getting the "Finish" button to work, please leave a note here and indicate your operating system and what browser you're using. We're working on sorting the issue out.