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Will the images presented get less obvious as we go on?

  • thowes by thowes

    If the images that first five (or however many) people give the same answers on are then marked as 'definite', and the ones that are less clear or obvious have lots of different answers, does that mean as we get towards the end we'll be presented with the harder-to-classify or less-obvious images more frequently now (because the easy ones are already set aside)? 😦 I was living in hope of seeing my porcupines again but they were VERY obvious so probably not still in the set of images being presented. I didn't collect and wish I had!


  • chalyse by chalyse

    If you have the time and interest, you can go back to collect previously viewed images. Go to the classifying interface, then in the menu at the very bottom of the page access your "profile." Initially you will see a few of your "favorite" images (if you made some) but there will be two buttons at the top left area, one of them labeled "recent" ... click to that view. Then, via the "+" button at the bottom, you can keep clicking backwards to go through all the images you have worked on. The interface lets you easily toggle back and forth to make the images larger to inspect for any that contained smaller animals, and then brings you right back to where you were in reviewing past images. It took me a while, but I was able to go back to an image from the first day of viewing and retrieve ("collect") an image I'd really wanted but hadn't thought to collect while I was classifying.


  • kosmala by kosmala scientist

    @thowes. Yes, technically there will be more of the harder images as we get toward the end. But we're rotating images in in batches, so we're always putting in new "easy" ones. As we get toward the very end (and have no more new batches left), we hope to have Season 4 ready to start.