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More than one type of animal

  • atpcliff by atpcliff

    Just had a photo with two large groups of animals....there is no way to indicate that two type of animals are in the photo. It is common for more than one type of grazing animal to be together in the same photo...this should be fixed.
    (PS-This application is great for me...I lived in Kenya for about a year, went on several safaris, and spent some time studying the various types of antelopes while I was there).


  • dms246 by dms246 moderator

    After you enter the info for one species and click on "Identify" you'll see that species displayed in the top left of the image. You can then go ahead and enter the info for the second species, and click on "Identify" again - the name and number of that species will be added to the list in the top left of the image. You can continue adding info that way for as many different species are there are in the photo. Once you've added them all, that's when you click on "Finish" to indicate you've finished classifying that image.