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Animal is unrecognizable because of the poor quality of the photo...usually a night photo.

  • atpcliff by atpcliff


    Checking "Nothing here" is not correct, but I have had several photos where the ID is virtually impossible due to the low quality of the image. Need another category..."Poor quality photo" my suggestion. Those photos can get grouped together for later review. It is possible that someone with extensive knowledge of the various types of animals may still be able to ID the animals even with the poor image quality.


  • dms246 by dms246 moderator

    I highly recommend you read the blog post explaining why we're asked to make our best guess, even if there's next to no info to base it on, and why we don't have a button for "Impossible to tell!". 😃 I struggled with the whole "make your best guess" concept until I read it - it really is worth reading.