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'Nothing here"

  • simba1 by simba1

    Just curious as to why over 50% of the 20 captures I just classified were "nothing here" of the grass/ground. Wondering if it is weather realated(wind) or possibly new cameras being installed?

    Thanks for the replies


  • kosmala by kosmala scientist

    It is weather related, but more due to rain rather than wind. When the cameras first get set up, we make sure they have a clear view, with no grass waving in front of the cameras. Over time, the grass grows. Season 4 was particularly rainy and the grass grew particularly fast. When the grass is warmed by the sun and then waves in front of the camera, it triggers the camera to take a picture. It takes 3-5 weeks to check on all the cameras (and cut back the offending grass), so the cameras take a fair number of "nothing here" grass shots in the meantime. Thanks for putting up with them.


  • Veegee by Veegee

    Yea, I have gotten a lot of 'nothing here' in season 4, I always look because once in a while a snout appears or a guinea fowl head
    pops up, but mostly, "nothing here"...just lots of waving grass. Especially the night photos, maybe my monitor is bad but I
    have a hard time seeing anything in the nite photos


  • lifesart by lifesart

    I love the photo 'bombs' that can appear when you think there is nothing there, then click the series button. Sometimes in night phots you can see eyes reflecting the flash of the camera, so I guess based on size and placement.


  • SafariLiz by SafariLiz

    I'm noticing more 'nothing there' this series. I'm nervous to identify on eyeshine, as these all seem to be white, because of flash I suppose, not the different colours you see on night drives.
    Still good fun though. 😃