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Seeing the same picture more than once

  • joellw by joellw

    Is a user supposed to be able to see the same picture for classification? There are several that I think I've done 2 or 3 times.


  • dms246 by dms246 moderator

    You're right in thinking we shouldn't be seeing the same image more than once, but there seems to be a glitch with the distribution software, so you're also right in thinking you might have received a few images more than once. @kosmala (scientist) and @arfon (Zooniverse admin) are aware, and the Zooniverse guys are looking into it (see the thread at ). @kosmala has said she can filter the data so that only one classification per image per user id is used in their data analysis, so it won't have any impact on the usability or validity of the data we're generating.


  • rlb66 by rlb66

    Problem still exists.


  • Helice by Helice

    I'm pretty sure I've experienced this several times today at least.


  • zebedy1 by zebedy1

    yes, I see the same picture a lot too


  • AowlanCrystal by AowlanCrystal moderator

    Please, if you are finding you are getting duplicated images turning up, if you could give details on these photos?

    If you can post the link to the photo that you have classified before, this would be very helpful in resloving the problem that some are reporting, because the scientists and Zooniverse teams can check out what the problem is, so it can be fixed.

    They can also check to see if you have classified the same photo twice or if it just happens to be a very similar looking image captured moments later.