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Not enough info to ID animal

  • kjguindon by kjguindon

    Hi there - just wonder what to do when there is clearly an animal, but you cannot make out enough detail to identify it? For example, in this case, I have some large mammal standing over the camera, there is a bit of the neck and some hair visible, but it is silhouetted against the sky so I can't make out colour, and there is no reference for size, etc. It is clearly an animal - it moves around as if it were chewing - but is so close up that I can't make out details.

    Another example would be animals far away, in a dusky setting - they are just lumps moving around. Sometimes you can tell from relative size or if they look particularily lanky or whatever, but not all the time.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    Read this discussion and see if it helps.