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For anyone that doesn't yet know how to enlarge the pictures to help with classifying.....

  • AowlanCrystal by AowlanCrystal moderator

    Here is a simple tip that can help make classifying the animal/s on some photos a little easier.

    Pressing and holding down the Ctrl button and click the '+' symbol, a number of times, this will zoom in step by step on the webpage, so enlarges the picture, to return it back to its orginal size, just hold the Ctrl button down again and click the '-' symbol as many times as needed to zoom back out.

    I usually keep my classifying page zoomed in so you still have access to all the animal species names and filters.

    Hope this is helpful to someone.


  • Helice by Helice in response to AowlanCrystal's comment.

    This makes my job much easier! I zoom in on most of my Zooniverse projects, it always helps.


  • Annaheross by Annaheross

    Thanks... I'm doing this on an iPad, any idea on how to zoom in? The normal two finger zoom does not work.


  • klallman by klallman

    Haven't figured out how to improve photos on my iPad, but on my Mac I drag the photo to iPhoto, where I can not only zoom in, but also adjust the exposure and see a lot more of the night animals.


  • kerebeth by kerebeth in response to klallman's comment.

    On an iPad, you can click on the photo and choose 'Save image'. The photo will then appear in your Photos and can be opened full screen, zoomed, etc.

    Though, they do seem to sort themselves into your photos by date, soif you have a lot of photos on your iPad, you may have trouble finding them.