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Correcting mistakes

  • RenoHatesMe by RenoHatesMe

    I'm new to this experiment and discovered I was miss classifying Impala (how embarrassing ). I also have images I'm unsure of. Is there any way someone could "correct " my mistakes so I could improve my skills?


  • areinders by areinders moderator

    We can't correct classifications that you have made but keep in mind that each image will be classified by 10 or so people, so your error will most likely be corrected through that. If you have images that you are unsure of and you would like to get other people's opinion on what is there the easiest way is to either add a comment to the picture or to open a discussion thread. Usually you will get an answer from someone. I think the regulars quite like looking at puzzling images and trying to figure out who that ear or tail belongs to! And you can also check out the "recent" section (see link at the top of this page) to look at images that others are tagging and add your own comments or just learn.