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Need a "Don't Know" option

  • jennyski by jennyski

    There needs to be a "Dont Know" option as if you cant identify it, you cant move onto the next one so the only option is to make a close guess but this would mean the data would be incorrect.
    Also you may have 1 to 3 large obviously identifiable zebra in foreground with 100 miniscule herd animals in the distance - need an option to record the zebra plus maybe a "distant animals" button a bit like you have a "young animals present" option.

    And the one with eyes reflecting in the dark. There is no way you can identify the animals yet it may be obvious to those in the know eg if its only hyenas which are likely to be there at night.


  • areinders by areinders moderator

    There is a thread explaining why there is no "unknown" option, you can find it at the top of this discussion section. In short, even if you are not sure you can usually make an educated guess based on what you see. For instance, you can narrow down the choices based on size or color. Maybe you are not certain whether it is a topi or a hartebeest but your answer would still indicate that you see a large antelope-like animal. Keep in mind that each image is seen by 10 or so people, harder ones by even more. So don't worry too much and just try your best. You can read more about the data analysis in the blog as well.