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  • BlindOracle by BlindOracle

    Has anyone ever seen a rhino?


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    Go to the top menu, click 'search', enter 'rhino' in the box, and click the top button 'objects'. You will see all the pix that have been tagged as #rhino. Some of them are wrong ID's but there are many genuine rhino sightings there


  • BlindOracle by BlindOracle in response to davidbygott's comment.

    Thanks! Maybe I'll get to see one too.


  • JohnnyStillwater by JohnnyStillwater

    Never seen rhino's.
    Other species I have not seen: aardvark, aardwolf, bat, caracal, hare, honey-badger, striped hyena, leopard, mongoose, porcupine, reptiles, rodents, vervet monkey, wild cat and zorilla.


  • by

    my last time, two years ago I had 3 sightings of rhino. Magic! One of them: Image ASG000cs8g