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  • Shiphrah by Shiphrah

    I saw a comment somewhere that volunteers get better as they accumulate experience. But if there were some kind of feedback system I would learn faster. I understand it'd have to be after recording our best guess, to avoid copy-catting. Might be tricky to set up but I think many of us would appreciate more feedback on how we're doing.


  • aliburchard by aliburchard scientist, translator

    Hi Shiprah - that's a fair point. Given that we don't analyse a season's data until it's been completed, it's a bit tricky to calculate that on the fly. If you're unsure of something, why don't you post a question about it on Talk? We have a lot of experienced volunteers and moderators (many of whom have spent years in East Africa), who are eager to share their wisdom and help explain just how they knew, say, that bit of tail belonged to a wildebeest and not a topi.


  • DZM by DZM admin in response to Shiphrah's comment.

    As Ali says, it's hard to give feedback on if you got it "right" or not when the whole reason that we're having you guys look at these photos is that we don't have any idea what's there! It's not like we already have an answer on each photo. You and all the other classifiers are helping to create that answer! 😃

    Talk is definitely your best place to get feedback if you're unsure about something. Just leave a comment!


  • tillydad by tillydad moderator

    You will get better at distinguishing the different features of all of the species as you wade through the pictures. If in doubt, ask. More than happy to help where I can, as are all moderators:)


  • Torturella by Torturella

    I don't want to sound like a hater but I hate many of the example images. I have had to go to google images to get exemplars. For example: Dik Dik... these are the best images you examples you can offer? I would like to see Front or 45-front, Side, 45-rear or rear in good daylight and front-lit, not back-lit. Also, more examples than three. Perhaps, you could include the many examples in the "often confused with" click. and make the alternate bigger, or perhaps totally switch to the alternate with that click. That way one could switch back with the alternate's "often confused with" buttons.


  • AowlanCrystal by AowlanCrystal moderator

    I agree with tillydad, you will get better, the more you do. Another suggestion,why not have a look though the collections, I and others have created collections, take my cats collection there are over 4000 photos! and not all are clear images, some are bits or close-ups.

    There are many hashtagged collections too, started by many people, although very useful, there is a slight problem with them, as they can show an odd few photos of the wrong animals, this has been caused by when the # is used when probably it shouldn't,example: when someone askes a question and hashtagged the animal species they are asking about (eg Is this a # Wildebeest?) and the answer given is Not a wildebeest but a # Buffalo), it means the buffalo image will appear in the Wildebeest hashtag collection too*.

    But I am more than happy for anyone to click on my name, scroll down page to my collections click 'Load More' to see lots more (not sure of how works on a tablet/mobile type device, sorry) also to note: that some are hashtag linked collections *with the odd error photo as mentioned above (these only go upto 500 images and I think most of those i created are at the start of the very long list, that includes, many animal species and also things like: Calves, Bugs, dust devils, fighting animals, itchy and scratchy), I created them for the benefit of everyone on Snapshot Serengeti, not just for myself.

    Here are just three links that give you many photos, with many different angles and poses: 1st) cats CSGS0000i2 and 2nd) Aardvark, Mongoose, Baboon and Monkey CSGS0001jx and 3rd) Horned species CSGS00013l.

    hope they are of help.