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Video not working

  • zoogirl1 by zoogirl1

    Kind of new to this site. Are the videos supposed to play? How long are the clips? Is there sound? Have tried both Chrome and Safari and it does not seem to work.


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator in response to zoogirl1's comment.

    Hi zoogirl1 and welcome to help with this great project! 😃

    Play-button and your computer/other device is completely Ok.
    The reason is that all photos in Extended Survey season are 1-frame shots , so no use for Play-button this season.

    Usually photos in Snapshot Serengeti seasons are from cameras in Seronera, long-term study-area in the middle of Serengeti. There researchers use 3-frame shots (not video, photos taken just a second apart, no sound) in day-photos. Night-photos are always 1-frame shots. You can look at photos from earlier seasons e.g. in older collections of other volunteers or with Search option. Here one example ASG001kqlf .

    Extended Survey season is a Special season and connected to a different research. Cameras were set in many different areas in the Serengeti Ecosystem, much more remote places than Seronera. Researchers could only get to them every 3-4 months, so they chose to collect only 1 photos per trigger, mostly as a measure to save storage space on the camera. So it is this practical reason, why photos are 1-frame shots this season. 😃