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  • Munchco by Munchco

    How does Snapshot Serengeti work?


  • maricksu by maricksu moderator in response to Munchco's comment.

    Hi Munchco, welcome to help with this great longterm Snapshot Serengeti project!

    About the Snapshot Serengeti project :

    The classifying works this way, every image is shown in random order to several people until consensus reached. Many Zooniverse-projects work same way.

    It is very important that if there are animals in image - don’t choose ’no animals’. Always give your best guess to all animals in image. No need to worry about mistakes, cause every image is shown to several people, until consensus reached. If not reached (very rare), those images are picked out for closer look by scientists. Every answer is equally important and valuable, also wrong ones that give e.g. info about how hard the image is.

    Information about ' How answers are turned into final dataset ' and e.g. ’ Why there is not I don’t know button ’ are explained in details e.g. in our Blog , links below

    The Tutorial on Classify page shows you with detail, how to do the classifying.

    If you have some question about the image/ find an interesting image you want to share, you can post it after classifying with comment here to Talk. (Discuss button > blue box below image)

    About hashtag-use in comments. Hashtags are for search in this project, so please note, don't use # with unsure ID/question in comment. Hashtags are used only when sure ID. More info about hashtag-use here in FAQs, link below.

    Hopefully you enjoy your classifying and the wonderful Serengeti, while contributing science and the future of this unique nature, we are very grateful for your help! 😃