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Bugs, flies, bees etc?

  • AowlanCrystal by AowlanCrystal moderator

    I have noticed on some of the images, that have no visible animals on them, that they have insects, I've flaged a couple of images up with bugs on them. Are you wanting to note bees, flys and other bugs that are visible? or do you want us to, say if its only a bee at flower spike and no bird/reptile or mammal that we click as 'nothing there' or would you like us to flag the photo, bees are quite an important creature pollenating most of our fruit and crops world wide and insects are an important source of protein for some smaller creatures, lower on the food chain, without dung beetles the place would be deep in animal dung.

    just wondered cause i've only viewed a few images and already several photos I've come across have only quite obviously bugs on them or a fly clearly hanging around the animal and with the otherwise empty of bird/reptile/mammal photos, cause there is something living, I don't like having to say 'nothing' is there, don't know if the info might be useful to someone studying insects of the area, might find it of some use, if we had an option to tick a box to tag the photo as having an insect/s, don't ned to count or id them, but just thought someone could use the data from the photos to gain an idea of whats about, where is hangs about, if their is an increase/decrease about animals... tagged with 'insect' a search could pool them together for anyone in future. its was just a thought....