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More pictures in series

  • Dacino by Dacino

    I saw a post that people found ways to find more photo's in the series my changing the last letters and numbers in the URL. How would you do it with this one?


  • ajg by ajg

    So when you click on the image from this Post, it takes you to the place where you can see the 3 images, Collect it, tag it, # it.

    So --- some of us have found that images from the same camera will have the ASG000 in the last part of the URL and then end changes by alphabet and numbers. I always start with the last letter and go through the alphabet and then 0-9 digits. They are NOT in any kind of order and you get times for that day all over the place and some days within the month mixed in.

    For this one I'd go:

    then ASG000c96b then ASG00096c up to 'z' and then 0-9

    After that I'd change the 96 to 97 and do the same ASG00097a ASG00097b then do 98 and 99 and go backwards 96, 95, 94 though I've noticed that the 94 series is the same as the 97 series...I think they duplicate the series.

    You may not find ALL but you can find many. Tag them as you go with a hashtag or Collect them. You may have already noticed that once you are in the Collect/Tag/Discuss interface it shows you the date/time. That's VERY helpful 😃

    Already found another from that day here:

    HAVE FUN! It's nice to that once you make a collection or hashtag collection to share it around 😃