Snapshot Serengeti Talk


  • chrisrough by chrisrough

    Just came across this one. I think it's a Cheetah stalking a Wildebeest but it's not too clear. Any ideas anyone?


  • kosmala by kosmala scientist

    Cheetah are too small to hunt wildebeest. And they don't stalk -- they hide and then chase. For me, this image is a bit tough to figure out what's going on.


  • ahorner58 by ahorner58

    Cheetah do not usually hunt at night, too big a risk of running into lions. Please correct me if I'm not right.


  • AowlanCrystal by AowlanCrystal moderator

    I think the laying down animal is a baby wildebeest, with its head/face almost straight to camera, as it looks like a blackish face with an ear sticking out above each side.