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Mystery thing

  • bristletail by bristletail

    What is this thing?


  • calavera by calavera

    overexposed camera shot of zebra mouth


  • smallvillenews by smallvillenews

    I wondered what this is too. I guessed at a bird tail of some description as it looks a bit feathery, so I put bird (other). But in all honesty I genuinely do not have a clue what this is!


  • L.Rowan by L.Rowan

    It also looks like feathers to me. bird.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    Definitely bird tail, not certain what.


  • areinders by areinders moderator

    I've been trying to find out which bird this could be. The pattern and shape reminded me of a raptor. The closest I could find was a pygmy falcon - any thoughts on that?