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There are 10 animals in the distance - I guessed they were elephants

  • NJ_Alison by NJ_Alison

    If you can't really tell, does it matter what you say they are?


  • BHamer by BHamer

    Have you tried magnifying the picture by using CTRL-+ ? When I do that on this image, the distant shapes look like trees. (I'm no expert and I'm sure I guess wrong as often as not when classifying way-off figures like this, so if you've done that and your best guess is still elephants, go with it.)

    There's a good FAQ thread and even better blog post (linked in the thread) about guessing on difficult images.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    They are trees or bushes - their position doesn't change.


  • eugenius by eugenius

    Actually the large horizontal object on the horizon, right of center, below the triangular-shaped cloud, appears to move
    slightly. I used Ctrl+ to max, and a desk magnifier to see a tiny motion w.r.t the cloud. This is a bit tricky becauise
    the camera is moving slightly between images, but the parallax should be negligible over such a big distance (to the object),
    which I think is most likely a large grazer -- maybe a wildebeest or buffalo. Not sure about any others on the horizon,
    most of them are probably trees.


  • sisige by sisige

    It is in the same position a day earlier: ASG000s619

    I think it's probably a tree shifting slightly in the wind.