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Bird and antelope

  • RenoHatesMe by RenoHatesMe

    Last image includes a large raptor coming toward an antelope. Dinner?


  • wilderzone by wilderzone moderator

    Not sure it's a raptor. None of the raptors in my field guide have red towards the tips of the wings, it's always on the shoulders. I believe this is one of the red-winged starlings, and it looks bigger because it's closer to the camera. Starlings often follow grazers around to feed on the insects that the larger animals disturb.


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    Its feet and bill don't look raptorish. I don't think it's a starling, but it seems to be some medium sized passerine. And the red hue of the light wing patches may not be 'real'. Not sure about this one.


  • parsfan by parsfan

    Looks to me like it has a rufous tail with white edges, and longish legs. Maybe a scrub robin of some kind? Cercotrichas spp? Birds in S Europe migrate to south of the Sahara, and the capture was in November... just a guess! 😉