Snapshot Serengeti Talk


  • jazzybridges by jazzybridges

    this is really cool how did you do it!


  • davidbygott by davidbygott moderator

    How did we do what?

    If you mean wiggle ears and tail at the same time, you have to be a gazelle!

    If you mean take the photos - scientists have set up over 200 trail-cameras in central Serengeti National Park, in Tanzania. Each camera is motion activated, so when an animal (or person, or tall grass) moves near the camera, it takes 3 pictures in quick succession. During the night, it just takes a single picture each time, with flash. The cameras are attached to trees or posts, about 1 metre above ground. The photos are stored on SD cards, and periodically a researcher visits all the cameras, downloads their pictures, and sends them to USA where they are posted to this site for people like you and me to identify. This provides information about the populations of animals and about how they share the area they live in. Read the blog at to learn more!