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Need an "unidentifiable" classification

  • figmentia by figmentia

    Have come across several photos where the animals are just too close! I wish there was an option for "other" so at least it can be marked that there is an animal present - but ... we just can't tell what it is!


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Hi @figmentia -- there's an important reason that we don't have that. We want people to guess, even on an image like this. If there's an "other" option, people tend to use it way too much, when we'd really prefer that they take a wild stab at it.

    If, with an image like this, we get 20 people all guessing 20 different things, then that tells us the same thing as an "I don't know" would, without making it so that many people might not trust their instincts and might bail out too often with an "other" or an "I don't know!" 😃 So that's why!